How to Upgrade PACE Suite

This article describes how to upgrade PACE Suite to the latest version.


1. Launch any software from PACE Suite (for example, MSI Generator) and verify that the new version is available. Click on the “download” link1.jpg

2. Close all PACE Suite applications (MSI Generator, MSI Editor, Docu Generator)

3. Download and run PACE Suite installation


4. Click on the "Next" button


5. Click on the "Next" button


6. Accept the license agreement and click on the “Next” button


7. Click on the "Next" button


8. Since the release of PACE 4.2, if you have previosuly entered your license key in the program you do not need to enter it once again at this step. Click on the "Next" button


9. Click on the "Next" button


10. Click on the "Install" button


11. Click on the "Finish" button


Congratulations, you have successfully upgraded your PACE Suite to the latest version.


Please note that if either your packaging environment is not connected to the Internet or a firewall is preventing the access to the Internet, automatic notification on the new PACE version will not be available.

In that case, you will need to manually download the latest version, start the installation, and then the latest version will replace the previous one. You can get the link to the latest PACE Suite version from the PACE Suite sales team email.



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