How to Capture System Changes to MSI Package

This article describes how to capture any system changes, made to the file system and registry, into MSI package using PACE Suite - MSI Generator.


You can find general information about repackaging scenarios in section 3.1 of the PACE Suite Getting Started document.

Review the educational video on how to convert EXE to MSI.


Step-by-step instruction of capturing system changes using the Monitoring capturing method:

  1. Launch MSI Generator.
  2. Click Capture installation.
  3. Review the issues, which were detected on your system, and try to resolve them by closing the non-essential applications and stopping services. Thereafter, click Next>.
  4. Select the Monitoring method and click Next >.
  5. Click Next>.
  6. Make any system changes to the file system and registry, which you want to capture and include to the MSI package. For example, create new or copy-paste files and folders, import registry, run EXE installers or, as alternative option, you can launch the application in order to capture necessary application configuration like disabled updates and so on.
  7. Switch back to the Capture installation window and select the I have finished installation checkbox, then click Next >.
  8. Click Finish to complete the wizard.
  9. (optional) In order to review the captured files and exclude unnecessary ones, go to the Files tab. Select Exclude from the context menu of a file or folder, which does not belong to your application and could not be a part of your package.
  10. (optional) In order to review the captured registry entries and exclude unnecessary ones, open the Registry tab. Select Exclude from the context menu of a registry entry, which does not belong to your application.
  11. In order to generate the MSI package from your project, navigate to the Package -> MSI tab, verify Application Details such as name, publisher, version, and click Build MSI.
  12. Click Go to…, located next to the MSI file name field, to open the package containing folder in Windows Explorer.



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